Monday, May 15, 2006

t-minus 6 days.

It is going to be a crazy week. It was already going to be a crazy week but now it may have taken on epic proportions.

This week Mrs F graduates from college for the second time, this time with an Associates of Science in Radiography. We are having a party in her honor at our home on Saturday so we knew going into the weekend that it was going to be tough getting the house ready.

Saturday morning I was working on getting the outside ready when I hear "Did you spill some water inside by the steps?".

I came in and checked and sure enough, there is a minor flood in the den off the kitchen. The Hot Water heater is leaking, bad.


I start shutting it down and emptying it but some damage is already done. Two pieces of carpet are soaked.

Off to the home depot to buy, among other things, a wet vac.

We find a plumber who will replace the hot water heater on a Saturday and we start cleaning the house. The wet vac takes one of us out of the clean up operation and we work it all weekend long but it is still wet.

On Saturday plumber comes and replaces the water heater.

Sunday comes and we continue cleaning until it's time to leave to see the Moms. I take a shower and water is tepid.

The brand new water heater is not heating water which should be the major function of a Hot Water Heater.

So now it's Sunday night, I can't sleep, I have no hot water in my bathroom and I have carpet ripped up all over the ground floor. Ohh and we have 60 something people coming on Saturday.

Lord, please I am asking for a sunny day on Saturday.

I still need a cake. I still need a sound system rental and the caterer is asking for our final numbers.

A caterer.
Beer, wine and soda.
A new (and now possibly two) new hot water heater[s].
general party goods.
A new solar cover for the pool.
A new wet vac.

It's a good thing this house came with a money tree. I was hoping for $50s but we got a good crop of $20s this year.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, I left my windows on my car open last night and according to my handy home weather station we received 0.73 inches of rain this morning in my car.

Grrrrreat a wet car and a wet house.

Did I mention Sunday was my birthday......

Gotta go.

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