Monday, May 15, 2006

t minus 5 days

I decided to take a vacation day so I actually got a lot done.

The plumber came back and "fixed" the water heater so now we have hot water in our bathroom again. It wasn't that bad since we could still use the other bathroom for hot water since it is in the "old' section of the house. I was a bit worried since he told me over the phone that technically he wasn't supposed to hook up the electric and that according to code an electrician needed to come in and hook the wires together.
So really all he did is open the hatch were the wiring is and pop the wire nuts out of the case for the water heater and the breaker stopped popping.

Not very reassuring however.

The smell in the den is not so great but isn't over powering. I bought 8 lbs of baking soda at the Supermarket and I was thinking that who besides Jeffery Dalmer buys 8 pounds of baking soda. I was thinking of asking the lady behind the register if "I have enough for a 5 foot 2 inch woman" but she didn't look like the joking kind.

I connected the dryer vent to the wet carpet (if you look in the picture in t-minus 6 days, you can see the hose). so I was using the dryer as a giant hair dryer, running it with out can clothes in it to prevent lint from blowing around my den.

I also have been using the shop vac like a mad man. I used it to suck everything out of my car and now it's all clean.

I don't have a PA but I did find one for $140 a day rental. That is a bit steep. We also have a final count: 58 people.

Pool temp: 70 degrees.

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