Sunday, May 28, 2006

Soccer Tournament.

We have been handcuffed to a soccer tournament all weekend for Youngest son, with games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My parents came to see Him play last night and Mrs F's Mom came Friday and Saturday.

He scored once on Friday and had a breakaway last night where he hit the post. He is playing well despite playing about half the time.

Watching him play amazes me every time. I was the most shocked when it turned out that despite his size, he was good at sports. He was six and playing rec-league. Someone pushed him and he got angry and the next thing you know he is charging down the field with the ball having hustled around the defense.

He plays striker mostly and has been enjoying the longer fields for this tournament. If the field is longer the mid-fielders can pound the ball over the heads of the defense and he can beat the defense men to the ball in the no man's land behind the defense and before the goalie.

It is fun to watch and hear people cheering for my son.

It's most amazing considering his heritage. I was not athletic at all as was my Father before me and his Father before him. In Italian our name is best translated "and you go play right field". His older brother played soccer for exactly one year and spent most of the time in the backfield staring up at the clouds.

But youngest son is different. He is fast. Small, but fast and passes well.

This tournament went great, three games, all shutouts and the team won their four team bracket. It's a good team with a good coach (Hi Jon) that should hold together next year, their final year together.

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