Sunday, May 07, 2006

First Communion Time - Part II

The second of two weekends for First Communions. This time it was my nephew on my side of the family so it was off to Mom and Dad's in PA.

No church visit for us this week but we had soccer tryouts in the afternoon so it was still rather hectic.

Dad made the traditional "pizza" bread. This is a Easter tradition from his side of the family but since we did Easter at my brother-that-does-not-exists-on-the-Internet's (long story) we did not get to "enjoy" this tradition.

I say "enjoy" because people either love this stuff or hate it. There is no in-between. My family is sharply divided on the subject with my Father, my sister and my brother-that-does-not-exists-on-the-Internet for and my other brother, mom and me against.

This Marchigiano regional delicacy is made with literally pounds of Locatelli Pecorino Romano cheese bake into a bread.

When I was growing up My Grandfather's family used to make it and proceed to eat it in one sitting, drinking beer all the while. As a little boy it was very confusing since they called this "pizza" and I knew pizza had mozzarella cheese and red sauce and came from a pizza parlor.

My Dad learned how to bake this bread in the 1970's and makes it for special occasions now.

I only remember how the house stank like baked, grated Locatelli cheese as he was making. It.

The smell would creep through the house like that green cloud of death in the first Passover scene in Egypt in "The Ten commandants".

I would put towels under my door if I knew Dad was going to bake it. It was foul.

Eventually the smell would dissipate.

We had a new inductee into the "pizza" bread club this weekend. Cousin J tried it for the first time and for the record he is for it. Rat.

Here Cousin J gives it the sniff test

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