Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ARRT update.

The never ending battle with the evil ARRT continues. Yesterday Mrs F Fedex'd the new application as per the conversation she had with one of the ARRT minions last week with a return Fedex envelope enclosed. She was expecting that since they review applications on Wednesday she would be able to get the approved application back on Thursday and take the test as early as this weekend.

Not so fast.

She called today only to find out they need ten days to "clear" her past testing attempt and they only do this on Friday's

So now we know what they all do on Wednesday and Friday. That leaves Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for ........?

Maybe on Friday they will clear her to accept the current application and then next Wednesday approve the application and then by next Thursday she will receive the approved application back. If not it's another week in limbo.

So another week of torture as she studies for the test that will never get here.

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