Sunday, May 21, 2006

And the party was ......

After all the work and worry that went into the week before, the party went great. The caterer was great and had all the food setup by 2:15.

And then we waited. 2:30 and no one was there. 2:45 and no one.

No one wants to be the first one there.

At almost 3 Mrs F's brother was the first to enter sans family. His daughter was ill and couldn't make it. I went to pick up the cake and by time I got back all hell was breaking loose. It seems everyone showed up at the same time and now were coming to the party. I had a car full of ice, NA beer for Dad (oops) and a cake. I was swept into the chaos of a party starting to crank up.

The house was just cacophony of conversations, people greeting each other, getting going on the food it was just bedlam. My uncle was over-stimulated and had to find a quiet place. Good luck.

Someone needed directions.
What happened to 60 lbs of ice?
Neighbors, friends, graduates, family on both sides.
There is a Jack Russell Terrier my brother who-does-not-exist-on-the-internet brought.

The day goes quickly and before I know it we are serving desert. Really, my in laws were serving desert.
I find 20 lbs of ice in the garage, melting. Kids. It had to be kids. Thanks for helping!

I thought the music worked out well, Frank Sinatra when there should have been Sinatra. Nelly when there should have been Nelly, a little Bruce of course for Gail.

The pool was warm, 80 degrees. A pool is like a turkey. You have to get up early to get it going.
My sister and her kids like it here so much , they want to move in for the summer. Sure, everyone loves the summer. Where were you in January or some other month with an "R"? Just kidding.

The weather was great, mid seventies with a stiff breeze. It was like being at the shore.

I think everyone had a great time.

Our last guests leave at 9 or so. No neighbors complained and Mrs F had a great time.

A success!

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Neil said...

Glad it went well. That is so stupid that no one wants to be first! You get the freshest food!