Monday, May 01, 2006

62 Year Old man falls from Palm Tree.

Rolling Stones Guitarist Keith Richards fell from a Palm tree last week while on holiday at the Wakala Club resort in Fiji.

Oldest Son and I were in the car on Sunday when I was driving him to a friends house. The above mentioned story came on the News Radio and He and I turned and just looked at each other with "what the?" looks on our faces.

It brought forth scores of questions.

What was a 62 year old man doing in palm tree? Going after coconuts?

Why doesn't a $7,600 per night resort have coconuts on tables, ready for their guests?

How did he get up there? Did shimmy up the palm trunk since they don't have branches near the bottom?

The article goes on to say that he actually did this last week and only on Saturday took the 3.5 hour flight to New Zealand.

He had a concussion for a week and no one noticed? Since this is Keith Richards we are talking about here I'm guessing that diagnosing a concussion is difficult thing to do.

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