Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Birthday K.

Happy Birthday to my favorite little sister. K turns ?? today.

Hey I can't believe you are ?? today. I remember when Mom and Dad brought you home. I was holding your little hand while you were in the cradle I remember thinking "how small".

I remember how excited you were when you recognized yourself on the family slide show. You were little, I want to say 4 and Dad was showing pictures of vacation at the beach and you were there in the your little two piece. You were screaming/gigling/laughing at yourself.

Who can forget High School? Three older brothers, all telling you "You are going to wear that to school?"

Every week you had a new best friend.

We grew up in the same house, same family yet you never had bologna? You had cars to yourself. Things were different.

Now you are a Mom to two great kids.

Happy Birthday.

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