Sunday, April 30, 2006

First Communion Time.

We spent the day at my Niece's First Communion today.

My Niece-in-law? Whatever. She is My Wife's Brother's Daughter.

A Beautiful Day and the kids looked perfect in their little mini-bride-and-groom outfits.

Next week we have another as my Sister K's Son gets dressed up.

This one was held at Mother of Divine Providence Church in KofP which reminds me of Garrison Keiler's "Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility" from prairie Home Companion.

The priest was a major thespian. This guy was had it down. Every move seemed calculated to go with the show. Even Youngest Son said the guy gave him the creeps. Mrs F said he reminded her of George Segal was wasn't creeped out by him.

It all reminded us of Oldest Son's First Communion.

He had a hard time swallowing the wafer during practice runs with the Priests and would choke.

literally choke.

So the priest that was running the whole show told him: "You go last and I will hand you the host and you can take it back and swallow when you are ready".

So the big day came.

Oldest Son dutifully lines up last, takes the host in his hands as shown in this picture and then seconds later gave the priest two big thumbs up.

Two big thumbs up.

I missed the photo because I had just taken this shot and the digital camera couldn't take two pics in a row.

Later there would be "the incident" with the host and Oldest Son.

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