Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Astro Turf and Ice Rinks

Today the big school budget elections were held in my township. I voted after returning from New York on a vendor visit.

Usually these votes have the older citizens pitted against the parents of school aged kids. The older folks don't want taxes to go up at all and the parents want newer/better things at the schools like enough teachers to go around and building that doesn't leak when it rains.

Today as I waited in line, a man over about 75 signed in and hobbled towards the end of the line where I was standing. He had a cane and was wearing a Don Henley inside job ball cap. I'm guessing the cane was his but he found the hat.

He starts up as soon as he gets in line about how everything "goes up" and what do these kids need with an ice skating rink. (One of the items up for vote was skating rink for the Ice Hockey team) . I said "I'll bet it's pretty common to have an Ice Skating team" but I might as well have said "Nerf linnger obbed foo spill rootter" because he ignored me and just kept going on about how they expect a private school education.

In the end I just politely smiled and waited to vote.

By the way, I think they put things like the Ice Skating rink on there just to outrage the older folks and give them something to vote no on. Some of the things up to voters to decide on are so ridiculous they have to be.

One of the other items up for a a vote was Astro-turf for the football fields. Older son is in the marching band which dutifully plays at each football game. He is a sophomore and this year for the first time they played the High School's alma matta at the end of one home game. He asked the person next him "Why are we playing that song?"

The person next to him said "we play that after every win"

Two years in the band and that was the first time he played the song.

I'm guessing that Astro Turf isn't the issue.

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