Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Temporary Duty - Part 1

Another Navy story.
This was after I had been in the Navy for 4 plus years. I was assigned to shore duty back on NAS Whidbey Island working in the Intermediate level aircraft support. We repaired electronics components that went in the Aircraft.

I was an talented, senior and seasoned electronics repair technician and the US Navy decided I should work for three months at the Golf Course.

I reported to the Golf Course at 6 Am the next day and Oz, the greenskeeper decided that I should cut greens. He didn't know squat about me.

He took me out to the nearest green and we took along the green cutting mower. I call it this because I don't remember what it was called. It was red.

Oz explained that I should approach the green on the sit down mower straight on, press the pedal that lowered the reel blades at 7/64th of an inch, make a straight cut and when I get to the other side press the pedal again raising the reels.

I nodded my head OK.

I got on the mower and did just like he said. I came straight at the green, pressed the pedal lowering the reels at 7/64th of an inch and starting cutting the grass.
I was thinking "that was easy".

Then I heard the hydralic motors on the mower strain and stall.

I had forgotten to press the pedal on the way out and the reel mower cut the grass on the apron leading to the green at 7/64th of an inch down to the dirt.

Oz said we'd try again tomorrow.

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