Thursday, March 30, 2006

The most obscure patriot.

So now that they are in the NCAA Final Four, George Mason University is pushing George Mason, the man, into the spot light. Besides a disrupter of Office Pools, who was this guy anyway?

Is he the Ringo of US Patriots? I mean was he really in the same club with Franklin, Jefferson, Adams and Washington and the others or was he a hanger on? He didn't ride a horse to warn the colonist like Revere did, he didn't print revolutionary documents like Franklin and He wasn't even a beer brewer like Sam Adams.

He didn't even sign the Declaration of Independence! What kind of patriot didn't sign the Declaration of Independence? Even beermeister Sam Adams signed. Maybe he was sick that day.

Did the other patriots make him get their drinks and snacks?
Can't you just hear Ben Franklin calling for Mason to top off his beverage? If weren't all those layers of fluffy, frilly colonial clothing they'd have give him a wedgie too.

They wrote a song about him.

You know Washington, Adams and Re-vere
Hancock and Henry, Franklin and Paine
But do you recall
The most obscure patriot of all?

Georgie the unknown patriot,
Wrote the declaration of rights
And if you ever read it
You would even say it bites.
All of the other patriots
Used laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Georgie
Join in any patriot fun.

Then in summer of ‘87
Jefferson came to call
Georgie with your bill of rights
Won’t you ammend our manuscript?
Then all the patriots loved him
As the shouted out with glee,
Georgie the obscure patriot
You’ll become a university

You’ll become a university

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