Saturday, March 04, 2006

Good Bye Mr Owens

March 11th is now the date that the Philadelphia Eagles will shed themselves of their "sharpest weapon" and biggest pariah, Number 81 - Terrell Owens. That is the date that according to his 2004 contract he is due a 5 Million Dollar roster bonus and the Eagles are as likely to pay the bonus as President Bush is likely to rename the Washington Monument after Uday and Qusay Hussein.

I say that they should pay it and get the other 31 NFL teams to chip in and bench him again all next year.

The man is a team carcinogen. A time bomb. A virus. Any owner that allows this talented nut on their team deserves him.

And some nut will let him on his team. Like my father says: "There is a dog house for every dog".

I won't recount the whole two year ray-lewis-dancing, helicopter-circling, towel-dropping soap-opera for you here but I can confidently say that no other modern day sports star has gone from team savior to exile in less time than No. 81. Even Shoeless Joe Jackson took five years to rain on Chicago's parade. TO did it in 20 months.

When TO came to Philadelphia in March of 2004, he was handed the keys to the city. The lights around the PECO building proclaimed "We Got TO". He was the missing piece that the Eagles had needed for the three previous years before his triumphant entrance into Philadelphia in March of 2004. He was the man that was going to get them over the hump. The only thing missing were a donkey and palms.

By the end however, every one from Owens' local Moorsetown, NJ Pizza delivery guy to the Swanky Capital Grill were getting in line to dis' him. Even children hated him.

Man, what a fall.

What in the wide-world-of-sports happened between Super Bowl XXXIX where God healed his ankle and April when he hired the Enrico Fermi of Sports Agents, Drew Rosenhaus? (I love that commercial where they say "That Drew Rosenhaus is like money in the bank").

TO, What were you thinking? Who was giving this guy advice, the OJ Simpson prosecution team?

The outcome of his antics will be obvious to all.

It obviously cost him in endorsements and as much as he hated Donovan McNabb, he'll never have the sponsorship of a Campbell's soup or a Lincoln Financial like the popular McNabb.

He'll also certainly have to work like a mad man to get another multi-year multi-million dollar contract. I think anyone who gives him such a contract is just nuts.

He may never be in a position to get to a Super Bowl ever again either.

For all his talk about God he certainly wouldn't know wisdom even if it came up to him and bit him in the behind.

And all this could have been avoided had he read Proverbs 16:18

So goodbye for now Mr Owens and we'll see you then next time you are in town as a visiting member the Houston Texans.


suburbanstories said...

Mr Owens is now due to become a free agent now on Wednesday 15 March.

suburbanstories said...

Owens was released at 3:59 on the 14th of March.