Sunday, February 12, 2006

Stuck inside after a snow storm.

Well just hanging out after our snowstorm. It looks like we got over a foot on the lawns and maybe 9 inches in the streets. The two boys and I were on a Boy Scout camping trip and Camp Hart in Bucks County. Unheated cabins but we bailed on the trip when we heard over 12 inches of snow were coming.

It seemed like a better and better idea all the time once we got home Saturday night. Thank you Lord for getting us home safely.

Did the shovelling thing this morning and afternoon including a path for the doggies around the pool.

I was thinking over and over about the Rob Bell short film "Dust" that we saw on the Men's weekend two weeks ago. I was distracted by the fact that Rob Bell was telling a story like he was and no one was helping the neighbor shovel.

I wore a pair of boots that belonged to my father-in-law. I put a new pair of laces in them and helped my neighbor shovel her walk. Joe was a righteous man that passed away 2 years ago and I kept remembering his viewing while I was shoveling. A seemingly endless stream of people kept coming in to the church. There was line out the door and down the steps. I kept remembering how impressed I was with that. People I never knew that Joe had helped over the years.

I kept thinking that "Power of Joe's boots is compleing me to do this, it is what he would have done".

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