Saturday, February 25, 2006

Klondike Derby

Well it was time once again for the Klondike Derby with our Scout troop. A Klondike is a series of games where the boys get to use their scout skills in a competition. They push a sled from station to station. It's like survivor but no one gets voted off the island.

Now you would expect this sort of event to occur on snow but in this part of the country you can't expect that it will snow on any partiulcar weekend so the chances of a snowy Kolndike are remote. In fact, I have yet to see a Klondike with snow.

It was quite cold though in the morning but the afternoon warmed up nicely. The boys had a great time but I was happy that we didn't camp with dropping temperatures.

They were a bit tired after pushing the sled through the course.

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