Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hunting Quayle

Well it looks like the story about Dick Cheney is finally evaporating and fading off to place where forever Sonny Bono skis into trees and Dan Quayle spells potato with an 'e'. But it was fun while it was happening wasn't it?

The Lettermans and Jay Lenos of the world had a field day and even Bill Gates took a "shot" at Cheney.

The real beauty was in the details.

The Vice President of the US decided that it was best for a Texas ranch owner to break the story to the press.

The ranch owner decides the place to tell the story to is the Corpus Christi Caller Times. Like the local fish wrap is the place to break international stories like this. They tried to call Jimmy Olsen of the Daily Planet first.

My favorite detail was that Whittington was hit with "six to 200" pieces of shot. How did they determine this? I figure that there were 200 in the cartridge and they found five and that is how you get 6 to 200.

Did they never hear of X-Rays? Why didn't they x-ray the poor guy and find out that he was shot "near the heart"?

I miss Dan Quayle. One of my favorite Letterman lines is when Al Gore a guest and Letterman leaned in and told him "You know, as a taxpayer and guy that writes jokes for a living, I don't think I'm getting my money's worth out of you".

Vice Presidents are suppose to be a National joke. It just took Cheney 6 years to step up.

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