Monday, July 18, 2005

Are they having an Affair?

I ride the PATCO high speed line every day from the Woodcrest station to 16th and Locust and back every day. 11.83 miles in and 11.83 miles back. It is uneventful most days and your mind soon learns the rhythm of the bridges, stations and tunnels. Within a week it was old.

I usually park in the same section of the parking lot. It's just habit. I've learned that most people are creatures of habit as to where they park as well. My friend Ken seems to park in the same section all the time as does an acquaintance of mine.

About 18 months ago I noticed that there were two people hanging out in a Bronco near where I park. The car was running and they seemed to be dangerously close to one another. Both were middle aged, tall and good looking.

I got in my car and left.

Over time I noticed that the Bronco was always next to an American sedan. That is her car and the bronco is his. He has a BMW as well.

I've seen them making out in the Bronco while both cars are running. Touching. Tender.

Over time they got my curiosity up.

Are they married? Then why separate cars? If they live apart are they married to other people? How do you come from different locations and end up at the same place at the same time? Do they coordinate their actions?

What about the ride home, do they work together? How do they get back to the cars at the same time every day?

I've also noticed that they don't always ride the train every day.

I can't help but assume that they aren't married. That's really bad. If you see people affectionate in public with one another assume they aren't married.

One day I saw them on my train together. They both looked concerned and were talking is hushed whispers. Had someone discovered them?

I actually pray for them. It's weird since I don't really know them and any interaction I have with them would seemingly be unwelcomed. I pray that they wouldn't hurt anyone by their actions.

That's about it.

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