Saturday, July 16, 2005

Annual Summer Concert

Some think that after a certain age you shouldn't get up and act nuts.

Clearly, those people missed last nights John Fogerty/John Mellencamp concert at the Tweeter Center in Camden.

Fogerty and Mellencamp were great and played every song you expected them to play, the rain held out again but the real show is out on the lawn.

We always do the lawn. Once the girls went to see Chicago in real seats under the roof but decided that it wasn't as much fun as the lawn and ended up watching at least part of the show from the lawn with some friends out there.

The lawn seems disorganized and chaotic but there are rules.

  1. Territory is clearly marked by possessions. You put down the blanket, that is your sovereign land.
  2. No trespassers through another's sovereign land. You want to get a beverage or use the facilities, walk around the blankets and chairs.
  3. The later the arrival time of any given group, the more likely that they are all inebriated.
The lawn usually fills front to back, sober to drunk. So the first folks to take possession of the land are usually people that carefully read their ticket, checked the web site, drove down early, lingered briefly in the parking lot and headed over to the concert.
These people always fill the lawn with a comfortable border around their land as to not annoy the neighboring city-state. It is usually daylight when they arrive.
The next group is the 'tweeners. They have hung out in the parking lot and partied for a while. Some may have partied a bit more that others but as a group they are well behaved.
They take their spots among the borders or more likely, may stake out the furthest outlying ground peaceably.
Next is the fun bunch. They show up late, take all the grass not covered in blankets between groups 1 and 2 standup to dance. These people are the real stars of the show. Forget Mellencamp and Fogerty, they are too predictable. You never know what these people are going to do.
Last night we had some real celebrities among us.
We had "Timbo": Yellow Rambo like head band, black shirt that said "TIMBO". Less angry than Rambo but just as ready to do anything .... To have good time.
"Jeagermiseter": On the cusp of being a little to old show her midriff but she don't care. Pointy Start Trek breasts are covered by a sleeveless T-shirt. The distorted letters on the shirt spell "Jeagermiester" but it takes you several hours to decipher it. Dads in the crowd find it hard to keep an eye on Mellencamp when she passes.
"32": Sweaty and moving the whole time, 32's job is get everyone to dance. He moves through the crowd like a light saber through Luke Skywalker's arm. He's fun. Identified by his shirt with a "32" on the back, he's to your left, he's to you right. Left,right,left. He is every where. It would not surprise you to see him on one of the big screens dancing with Mellencamp.
Of course the first two groups have their stars as well but they are more navigation-aid then celebrity. They stay put so you can find your way back through the crowd.
There was "old hippie guy". Dressed in tie-dye from head to toe, He danced like Joe Cocker but while sitting down.
There was "battery powered green shirt guy". A green shirt so bright it could been seen from space. I thought "how do you decide to wear that?" Do you say to your wife "Honey, I think I'll wear that bright green shirt tonight!". I though who would let you got out like that? Then I saw a woman in bright orange behind him and thought "you know, Dad was right..... There is a dog house for every dog".
But you could always find your way back to your land, even at night.

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